Business issues regularly arise in the music sector.

We advise and represent musical artists, bands and orchestras, event managers, agencies, festivals and organizations in all matters, in particular concerning contract, copyright, trademark and corporate law, and in sponsoring and advertising issues. We establish the optimal legal structure (civil-law partnership, limited-liability partnership, foundation, association etc) and draft the necessary partnership contracts or articles of association.

Labels and producers ask us to prepare standard contracts, artists want us to represent their legal and invoicing interests versus record companies, agencies, broadcasting stations, performance rights societies (GEMA, GVL, SUISA etc.), event organizers and the German social security system for artists. Our regular tasks include drafting and negotiating contracts for the national and international marketing of music, such as artist, staging, performance, record, guest performance and tour contracts, contracts with authors (composers, songwriters, lyric writers, etc.) and contracts between phonogram producers.

In addition, we take care of the privacy rights of artists, which may be affected by reports in the press, on the radio, on TV, on the Internet or by advertising.

Since the traditional business models in the music sector have started to come under pressure, one of the key questions is how to earn money with music in the current environment. The Internet is a key issue in this respect. Music has a significant share in overall Internet content. However, the creative artists never get anything for their efforts. In addition, the Internet is becoming an ever more important medium for bands which want to offer web streaming for their concerts. The SKW Schwarz music team supports artists, bands, musical ensembles and orchestras in developing business models for music which are economically viable under the current conditions. The legal questions arising from the online distribution of music can be answered on the grounds of our online and e-business expertise.

Our music specialists have been observing the market for classical and popular music in Germany and Europe for years and have close contacts to the relevant associations.


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