SKW Schwarz has been rendering legal support for movie and TV productions for a long time now. We can look back on a large number of national and international productions to which we have provided comprehensive advice.

Our work centers on providing steady legal support for a production, above all preparing contracts for production firms, TV stations and artists. Another key task is to ensure financing for cinema and TV productions by banks, film-funding institutions and private investors. For example, we structure and support private-equity investments for the financing of international films. We manage already launched film funds and represent them in court. We advise film distributors and global distributors regularly and prepare production, distribution and license agreements.

Numerous German film and TV production companies, a large number of "independent" production companies and well-known film and TV stars are among our clients. In addition, we regularly give advice to TV stations in the framework of their daily business and represent them in court to enforce their rights.


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