The games industry has experienced a real boom during the last few years. SKW Schwarz was able to get its bearings very quickly in this area because the legal issues are similar to those of media and entertainment law as well as IT, Internet and e-business law. Our games specialists' know-how in giving advice on the projects of computer and videogames producers, securing financing (also via funds) and helping with acquisitions of German target companies is second to none.

Our focus is on German financers and international, large publishers, on behalf of whom we act not only in Germany, but in particular in Europe and worldwide. Our task is often to provide fund, private placement or private equity financing for the production and distribution of AAA games. So far, we have supported most of institutional financings from Germany. In addition, we take responsibility for the usually quite large issue of rights clearing – rights on engines, copyright issues, privacy issues, brand issues, music rights etc. – and develop international and national IP franchise, buy-out and license agreements. For completed products we draft user General Terms and Conditions and codes of conduct and ensure compliance with youth protection provisions.

Our clients include not only international major companies such as Electronic Arts, Microsoft or Ubisoft, but also a number of other domestic and foreign companies which are active in the games business. Developers, distributors, infotainment publishers, retail representatives, Internet service providers and partners from the financial sector all rely on our lawyers' expertise.


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