IT & Digital Business

Our IT & Digital Business specialists are not only proficient in "traditional" IT law – the branch of law that deals with bits and bytes, hardware and software – but also in all issues related to Internet content and Internet distribution. In this area SKW Schwarz combines legal expertise and in-depth knowledge of the sector and technical understanding.

IT Law

Our IT law department structures and supports IT projects of all sizes and gives advice on the distribution of IT products (software, hardware, services) and the outsourcing of IT procedures. Above all we prepare contracts, such as  hardware contracts, software development and license contracts, software maintenance contracts, software leasing contracts, ASP contracts, support and distribution contracts, outsourcing contracts and service level agreements as well as General Terms and Conditions. We regularly consider compliance and data protection requirements. If necessary, we represent our clients in dispute resolution proceedings and in court.

SKW Schwarz lawyers have made a significant contribution to current market standards in IT contracts, for example by helping to formulate public sector standard contracts for the outsourcing of IT services (EVB-IT) and the General Terms and Conditions recommended by BITKOM e.V. Moreover, we actively contribute to the training for specialists in IT law and hold leading positions in the sector association BITKOM e.V.

Internet & E-Business Law

Our activities in the area of Internet and E-Business law center on giving strategic advice to companies.

A key issue is how companies present themselves on the Internet, both to users and to competitors. There is a crucial difference between companies whose business model depends on the internet (such as internet portals or social community networks) and companies which use the Internet to develop existing business models further (such as Expedia). Moreover, the fact that content is sold not only in the cinema, on DVDs or in TV, but also on the Internet may give rise to legal problems.

Our years of experience permit us to deal with all issues arising in connection with the Internet and e-business. We shape and support e-business concepts and products, give advice on data protection, data security and compliance and help Internet providers and services in every possible way.

We can provide specialist knowledge concerning all questions arising from music licensing on the Internet and have experience in dealing with performing rights societies (GEMA rights). Moreover, we are familiar with partnership models for Internet platforms (content channeler; affiliate partnerships) and user-generated content (Web 2.0) and have experience with setting user regulations for platforms.

Our expertise in this area is best proven by the fact that SKW Schwarz lawyers published the loose-leaf publication "Recht im Internet" ("Law on the Internet") already ten years ago – and the book is still considered a standard work.

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