SKW Schwarz advises its clients in all matters of individual and collective employment law.

All issues directly affecting the working relationship between employers and employees, such as employment and employment termination contracts, transfers, dismissals and dismissal protection, are part and parcel of our everyday work. We represent both employers and employees, even though we mostly work for employers.

In collective employment law we deal with all legal questions that arise in connection with employers' associations and trade unions, collective agreements, strikes and lockouts and co-determination in firms and enterprises. We negotiate company deals, agreements on reconciliations of interests and social plans and give advice on how to deal best with work and staff councils and mediation bodies. We conduct negotiations with trade unions, in particular on collective wage agreements, at both the association and the company level.

Dismissal protection or collective wage agreements are not the only relevant issues in labor law. In the areas of employee motivation and making working conditions more flexible we provide advice on the introduction of new salary and target structures and flexible working time models. In addition, we support companies in making applications to the labor administration (for example for short-time work, transfer companies, subsidies, work permits).

While we are not focused on certain sectors, we have particular knowledge in media labor law (movies, TV, publishing companies etc); since these "tendency" undertakings can claim particular "tendency" protection, numerous exceptions apply in this sector.

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