Banking and Finance

SKW Schwarz advises banks, fund companies, asset management advisors and asset managers, other financial services providers and private investors in matters of banking law and finance law.

In the traditional banking business, we support our clients in all issues concerning lending and financing agreements, project financing, capital increases, the structure of investment funds and loan and loan collateral agreements.

We have years of experience in restructuring and resolve insolvency law matters for our clients, both for creditors and debtors.

We advise credit institutions and financial services providers as well as their employees about liability issues, in particular questions of advisor and prospectus liability arising in connection with securities and financial services.

We also organize the complaints management for the credit institutions and financial services providers we advise.

In addition, we assist in settling non-performing exposure. We support our clients during legal proceedings and the enforcement of their rights, for example by forced sales or receiverships.

In addition, we advise our clients in establishing credit institutions or financial services companies, a branch or a representative office. We represent them versus the authorities in all regulatory issues, including the necessary capital stock and deposit insurance or investor indemnification.

We have particular expertise in electronic payments, in particular the settlement of online payments, credit card payments, direct debiting and debit cards. Another important task is the correct handling of creditworthiness queries and the prevention of misuse. We are closely involved with major legislative projects, for example the development of the Data Protection Act.

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