Our advisory services

Legal competence and high quality should be givens in legal advice. Quite a number of law firms can truthfully claim that they meet these requirements. However, the fundamental approach of a law firm is another important aspect for the client. SKW Schwarz has one fundamental principle: We advise our clients on issues we know well from experience. We do not seek to keep our clients from acting or to raise objections. It is not enough to tell clients what they may not do or what is difficult to do. Our task is rather to prepare legally sound and economically adequate solutions which are easy to implement. We do not simply “resolve” legal questions, but put them in the context of our clients’ business goals.

Efficiency is evidently an important factor. Efficiency requires speed. Speed, however, cannot be the sole measure of the economic use of resources. What is crucial is how effective our solutions are in relation to the targets of our clients and the economic use of resources.

Of course there are cases in which we are asked for advice only after problems have emerged. That is a situation we can deal with, too. However, we prefer to advise our clients early on so that they are aware of potential legal problems and to show them potential solutions. We are good at doing that because we think ahead and systematically ask questions. We do not simply wait for the next assignment once we have completed one.

In our assignments we focus only on those aspects which are essential to the solution and offer our clients understandable added value. We do not give all our attention to minor problems, do not lose ourselves in theories and do not write long expert opinions which tell our clients nothing concrete at all. We do not leave our clients in the dark about what they should do in our opinion. Instead, we carefully weigh the pros and cons of different courses of action and then give a clear recommendation.

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