Our Expertise

Today, any business activity may raise very complex and multi-dimensional legal issues. Generalists are not the right persons to deal with these problems.SKW Schwarz therefore provides the necessary specialists. At the same time our law firm is not labyrinthine.

To us, this represents “the best of both worlds”: On the one hand the breadth and depth of our specialist knowledge permits us to take on large assignments and find solutions for complex problems, on the other we can offer better personal contact with us than big law firms. This claim is borne out by the fact that, according to the German legal information service JUVE clients and competitors say about our lawyers that their practical knowledge is second to none, that they are competent and friendly and that working with them is very pleasant.

Since we just mentioned practical knowledge: SKW Schwarz lawyers know many sectors in depth. And they have learned about them from the inside, not from the outside. One of our firm’s particular traits is that many of our lawyers have indeed worked in the sectors which they advise now. That is a clear advantage: We can “translate” difficult legal issues into the “language” of our clients because we know the relevant backgrounds and procedures from our own experience.

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