How we conduct our assignment

There is one key element which defines our relationship with our clients: Every client has a regular contact at the partner level. This partner is responsible for the client, both at SKW Schwarz and externally. His task is to resolve the client’s problems with the firm’s resources. And our clients can rely on that – any time.

Nothing is more detrimental to cooperation than having to explain a problem several times over just because you meet a different person each time you approach a firm. That is something which does not happen at SKW Schwarz. Our clients will not meet a new lawyer every time they contact us. Your personal contacts will always be available to deal with your questions. Of course they will ask lawyers from other departments for help if the assignment requires them to do so. They will do so with the express permission of the clients. Clients will never be sent from one lawyer to another within the firm without the involvement of their regular contact.

Due to SKW Schwarz’s structure the partners are closely involved with all assignments. We do not employ a host of associates whom we set to work on projects just to keep them occupied but without regard for practical considerations. Our teams are always as small as possible and as large as necessary in order to complete each assignment as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

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